Closing Statement from World Climate Conference-3

Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Head of the United States Delegation

September 4, 2009

Dr. Jane Lubchenco at the World Climate Conference-3 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr. Jane Lubchenco at the World Climate Conference-3 in Geneva, Switzerland. Credit: Eric Bridiers, U.S. Mission

Improving development and delivery of climate services offers untold economic, environmental, human health, and national security benefits.  For these reasons, the U.S. delegation is very pleased with the outcome of this conference, and its decision to establish a Global Framework for Climate Services.

Today, user demands for climate information are increasing rapidly.  Decision-makers at all levels of government, business leaders, civil society and individual citizens are asking how they can best prepare their communities, businesses or lives for the impacts of climate change.

Lives, prosperity and social stability are at stake.

We must now seize the opportunity to use the science-based information about climate change and variability and translate it into meaningful information that can be used to inform critical decisions.

That the United States was both a sponsor and participant in this conference reflects President Obama’s strong commitment to addressing climate change.  Climate change is a shared challenge.  The declaration agreed to here unites all countries in recognizing the need for climate services.

As we head into Copenhagen we are heartened by the spirit of cooperation and commitment. The United States is working actively toward a successful agreement through ambitious domestic actions and international cooperation.

This morning’s announcement that President Obama will deliver an opening speech at the UN High Level Summit on Climate Change in New York later this month further demonstrates our country’s commitment to tackling this issue.