NOAA’s National Weather Service to Launch California Hazardous Weather Awareness Week

September 19, 2008

Forest fire.

(Credit: NOAA)

NOAA’s National Weather Service forecast offices in California will conduct the second annual California Hazardous Weather Awareness Week Sept. 22-27 to raise public awareness about the dangers of hazardous weather conditions in the state and provide information to help protect life and property.

“California has a reputation for always having sunny skies and calm surf, but the state is vulnerable to some of the most severe weather phenomena, such as tsunamis, wildfires, floods, and extreme heat,” said Robert Tibi, director of the National Weather Service’s western region. “California Hazardous Weather Awareness Week will help California residents prepare for high impact, dangerous weather events.”

Activities associated with the awareness week are available on the week’s Web site. Each day of the campaign will focus on specific ways to deal with hazardous weather:

Sept. 22 – Severe Weather Safety

Sept. 23 – Floods and Flash Floods

Sept. 24 – Wildfires

Sept. 25 – Excessive Heat

Sept. 26 – Coastal Weather and Winter Storms

Sept. 27 – NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards Information

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