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NOAA's doppler radar in Norman, Okla.January 29, 2001 — The nation's premier severe weather experts will discuss their latest research findings and forecasting techniques during the National Severe Weather Workshop on Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3 in Norman, Okla. Designed for emergency managers, storm spotters and other weather enthusiasts, the event is sponsored by the NOAA's Storm Prediction Center, Central Oklahoma Chapter of the American Meteorological Society/National Weather Association and the Oklahoma Emergency Managers Association.

(Click image for larger view of NOAA Doppler radar in Norman, Okla.)

The Friday afternoon and Saturday event offers an unique opportunity to learn about the National Weather Service's outlook, watch and warning process, severe weather preparedness and safety, StormReady, EMWIN, severe storm risks, lightning effects, wind damage effects and new ways to get radar data.

Speakers will include nationally-recognized experts as well as forecasters and researchers from the NOAA Weather Partners in Norman: Storm Prediction Center, National Severe Storms Laboratory, Radar Operations Center, Warning Decision Training Branch and National Weather Service Norman Forecast Office. Storm spotter training will be offered in conjunction with the workshop.

"All areas of the United States experience some form of severe weather, including tornadoes, heavy snow, hail, strong winds or lightning," said Joseph Schaefer, director of the Storm Prediction Center. "The workshop will provide up-to-date severe weather information and insights into the forecasting techniques used by NOAA's National Weather Service to save lives and property."

Click here for more information and registration form or call (405) 579-0771.

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