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Year of the Ocean B-Roll 1998

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General Information: Ocean Moods
Sunset, breakers, open ocean, angry seas

NOAA research ship Rude underway
NOAA research ship RONALD H. BROWN in port
Underwater Lab "Aquarius" being lowered and secured
Underwater vessel "ROPOS" deployment
Underwater vessel "ALVIN"
ROV (remotely operated vehicle) turns on spotlights
Scientists manipulate robot arm
Research vessel retrieval

Sustainable Fisheries:
Capture by net
Shrimp boat
Unloading ground catch in New England
Unloading catch, Grays Harbor, Washington State
Salmon eggs (fish hatchery)
Sockeye Salmon run

Mineral & Energy:
Oil Industry scenes
Hydrothermal Vents
Loishi Underwater volcano, Hawaii

Marine Transportation:
Container ships

Recreation & Tourism:
Scuba divers, Monterey, Calif.
Divers, Key West, Fla.
Trimaran, Puerto Rico
Inlet, Santa Barbara, Calif.
Sailboat, Morro Bay, Calif.
tour boat passes sea lions
Whale watching
finger reefs
Snorkeling, Hawaii

Coastal Development:
Helicopter of Hawaii coastline
Coastal erosion
Beach - Ocean City, Md.
Flyover, developed coastline
Flyover, east coast barrier island
Houses on stilts
Marina - Houston, Texas

Ocean Products:
Aquaculture: Giant clam harvesting in the South Pacific

Paper mill by-product, Houston, Texas
Red Tide fish kill
Exxon Valdez oil spill CU
Land runoff; logging; coastal human pollution

NOAA Marine Protected Areas
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

Marine Mammals:
California sea lions
Elephant seals
Killer whales

Ocean Careers:
Shipmate looking out to sea
Loading containership
NOAA Research ship in Newport, R.I.
CU to Zoom-out loading sea containers

Habitat Restoration:
Point au Fer, Louisiana - restoring breakwater
M/V Alec Owen Maitland, M/V Elpis: ship groundings/coral reef restoration
Mona Island, Puerto Rico: ship grounding/coral reef restoration


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