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NOAA Turtle Excluder Device (TED) B-Roll

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Total Running Time: 18:50

Endangered Species: Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Underwater footage: tracking shot of swimming Loggerhead sea turtle

Endangered Species: Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle
Swimming in tank and eating food pellets at
NOAA's Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Galveston Laboratory

SOUNDBITE: Jessica Liberatore, Fisheries Biologist
Picks up Kemp's Ridley turtle from tank and gives info and population statistics.

SOUNDBITE: Ann Kidwell, Biological Science Technician
With shrimp trawl/TED display outside Galveston lab, explains the purpose of TEDs and how they work, etc.

SOUNDBITE: Ben Higgins, Biologist, tech. supervisor, research director
At same TED display with guests, further explanation on how TEDs function

Underwater footage: Shrimp trawl nets with TEDs
Trawl nets with TEDs, turtles escaping from trawls through TEDs, several views

Underwater footage: Double-Cover Flap TED installed on trawl net
Flap closure action demonstrated by diver, inside of TED, accelerator funnel

Ben Higgins holding juvenile Loggerhead Sea Turtle
At Galveston Lab, explaining TED testing procedure to guests

TED Testing operations
Scientists aboard trawler vessel send sea turtles down to divers who release them into trawl nets and time their escapes.

Turtle in shrimp trawl
No divers in shot, turtle passes down trawl, escapes through TED.

Commercial Shrimp Trawlers, Gulf of Mexico
Boats on water, nets deployed

Docked shrimp trawlers, Freeport, TX
Various angles of vessels, 12:54 fishermen aboard readying nets and turtle excluder devices (TEDs). 13:39 fisherman sewing flap onto TED opening

SOUNDBITE: Leroy Jones, commercial shrimp fisherman
Explains how TEDs have reduced turtle bycatch without reducing shrimp catch.

SOUNDBITE: Harry Davis, commercial shrimp fisherman
Explains how recent TED design outperforms previous designs, quick installation, no reduction in shrimp catch, pro-conservation statements.

SOUNDBITE: Jack Forrester, NOAA Fishery Gear Specialist, former commercial shrimp fisherman
Explains the need for TEDs, assures fishermen TEDs don't cause shrimp loss.

SOUNDBITE: Jack Forrester, Leroy Jones, Harry Davis
Group shot, advocating cooperation between fishermen & government.

NOAA Seal, animated

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