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NOAA Severe Weather B-Roll

This B-Roll compiles all public domain, severe-weather footage previously released by NOAA; as well as some new footage. All non-NOAA footage on this B-Roll is identified and requires additional credit and/or permission before use. Instructions and contact information are indicated on tape and printed below.

For NOAA footage, please credit "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration" or "NOAA."

For copies: Video Transfer Inc., (301) 881-0270
For content info: E-mail

Total Running Time 28:00 excluding disclaimer and logos

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Disclaimer (Also provided above. Please read!)

Rain and Lightning: heavy rain, close-ups, urban areas, lightning strikes, lightning during tornado storm, tree across road, downed power lines, broken telephone poles.

Hail and Tornadoes: Hail in suburbs, Texas tornadoes, 1995; various tornadoes, storm heads and threatening clouds, tornado damage, destroyed car (Dimmit, Texas and other locations).

Additional Credit Required.
Tornado damage: Hall county Ga. (ground and aerial)
For this footage (:58) please credit:
Video: TV-18 The Government Channel, Hall County, Ga.
Audio: Hall County, Ga., Emergency Management & 911

Hurricane Landfall: High winds and flooding, boats at dock in churning water, boat on pavement, sunken charter boat.

NOAA P-3 Hurricane Research Aircraft flies into hurricane
(shot from within aircraft).

Storm Surge: Rough surf, waves crashing during storm, flooding over pavement, boats in churning water.

Flood: churning water, cars partially submerged on flooded roadway, citizens filling sandbags, aerials of flood, flooded residential and wooded areas, flood waters, debris on bridge left behind by flood water.

Additional Credit and Release Required.
The Great Flood of 1993; Iowa and Illinois:
The following footage (5 min., 11 sec.) is provided courtesy of The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District. Publication or commercial use of this material requires release by the Rock Island District. Please contact (309) 794-5884 for additional information.

Sandbagging operations, sandbag levees, flooded residential and industrial areas shot from rowboat and car. Aerials of flooded city, residential and farm areas. Flood preparation, flooded residential area, sandbag walls, flooded roadway, Flooded reservoir at Saylorville, Des Moines, Iowa.,
Flood in Davenport Iowa, mitigation effort, Saylorville Spillway.

Snow, Ice and Snowmelt: Snowfall: Fairbanks, Alaska (3x :20 shots).
Blizzard: Atlantic City, N.J., highway, airport tarmac, snowplow, walking through snow storm, using snow blower, snow and icy river in remote areas, glacier. Frozen waterfall, river with ice and snow-covered banks: Denver, Colo. Snowmelt: Banff, Alberta. NOAA P-3 flight over water, Alaska.

Drought and Brushfires: Dry, cracked ground; dead vegetation, reclining cows in heat wave, car on dry ground, agriculture, high angle of dry, rural area, brushfires in Australia.

Erosion: Eroding riverbank with mitigation, house on eroding bluff, beach houses on stilts on barrier island.

Calm Weather (and beauty shots): Sunlit water, tree in light breeze, estuary in sunset, clouds in sunset, calm river and creek, waterfront with boats at dusk, ocean through wooded bank, babbling brook, rippling water in pond, Honolulu from high angle with palms and with rainbow.

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