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NOAA Hurricane Forecast 2004 B-Roll


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Animation Hurricanes Fabian and Isabel
01 SEP 03 - 21 SEP 03
GOES-12 4-kilometer infrared satellite imagery

Animation: Hurricane Isabel
18 SEP 03; GOES-12 1-kilometer visible satellite imagery

Flyaround: Hurricane Isabel
18 SEP 03; Fly-around

NOAA WP-3D (P3) Orion Hurricane Research Aircraft
Generic Footage: plane taxis, takes off, pilot in cockpit,
Through window: clouds with wing and propeller.

P3s in hangar at Aircraft Operations Center; Tampa, FL
Both P3 aircraft.

NOAA P3 aircraft N43RF (a.k.a. "Miss Piggy")
Wide shot of aircraft, decals and artwork.

NOAA P3 aircraft N42RF (a.k.a. "Kermit")
Wide shot of aircraft, decals and artwork, wide angle; front view.

Interview: CDR Brian Taggart, NOAA Corps Pilot
1:03:29:00 Purpose of flying into storm and how data contributes to forecast;
1:03:56:00 Data transmitted immediately from aircraft to Hurricane Center.

Mission Operations before and during flight into hurricane
1:04:24:00 Preflight meeting at NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center;
1:04:34:00 Briefing aboard NOAA P3 aircraft N42RF (Kermit);
1:04:53:00 Cockpit, takeoff ; 1:05:20:00 Screen with flight data;
1:05:36:00 Scientists and crew at workstations;
1:07:06:00 GPS dropsonde loaded into tube, deployed, various angles.

NOAA Gulfstream IV Research Aircraft
in hangar at Aircraft Operations Center; Tampa, FL
Two shots: G-IV being towed out of and into hangar.

NOAA Gulfstream IV Research Aircraft in flight: Two shots.

Mission Operations during flight around hurricane;
aboard NOAA G-IV N49RF
1:08:51:00 Wide shot of cabin, workstations; 1:08:59:00 flight director;
1:09:10:00 Crew at workstations; 1:09:26:00 dropsonde loaded and released.

Interview: Jack Parrish, G-IV Project Manager
1:09:50:00 B-Roll; Jack Parrish at workstation;
1:09:59:00 Difference between G-IV and P3 missions;
1:10:40:00 Use and purpose of GPS dropsondes;
1:11:13:00 B-Roll; closeup of sonde;
1:11:21:00 Purpose of research.

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