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NOAA’s Hurricane Forecast 2002 B-Roll
Former Title: Hurricane Season 2002 B-Roll
Total Running Time: 8:00

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1) Storm Surge Animation
3D conceptual animation of storm surge. Hurricane forms a dome of seawater which inundates coast

2) Hurricane Season 2000 Data Visualization
Earth's western hemisphere with time-lapse hurricanes that developed during hurricane season 2000.

3) Hurricane Michelle 2001
Satellite imagery visualization showing entire life cycle

4) Hurricane Mitch 1998
Camera flies around static visualization of storm pre-landfall

5) Hurricane Floyd 1999
Wide frame satellite imagery visualization of landfall

6) Interview: Stacy Stewart, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL
Topic: Birth and monitoring of tropical storms and hurricanes

7) Birth of Hurricane Adolph, May 25, 2001
Off Pacific coast of Mexico, Satellite imagery visualization

8) B-Roll: NOAA National Hurricane Center; interior

9) Interview: Max Mayfield, Director, National Hurricane Center
Topic: how hurricane winds can spread inland causing destruction as in the case of Hurricane Hugo.

10) Hurricane Hugo, 1988
Satellite imagery, color enhanced

11) B-Roll: NOAA National Hurricane Center, exterior

12) Interview: James Franklin, Hurricane Specialist, Nat'l Hurricane Center
Topic: dropsonde instrument

13) Scientist deploying dropsonde aboard NOAA P3 aircraft N43RF

14) Car traffic during hurricane evacuation, (some actual, some simulated)

15) NOAA logo

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