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Ground Winds B-Roll
Total Running Time: 12:38

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1) The Setting
NOAA Environmental Technology Lab, Boulder, CO, outdoor observatory.
Shot: mountainscape, zoom out, pan left to reveal valley with trees

2) Participating Instruments
Glass case with signs of participating agencies: Michigan Aerospace Corp., University of New Hampshire Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space, Mt. Washington Observatory.

Outdoors: instruments atop trailer. Pan to othe observation trailers. 360¡ pan.
Working on instrument, Observatory dome, other pans of area. Train cuts through area. Anemometer, pan to weather baloon preparation.
Observatory dome with LIDAR (flashing green laser)

3) GroundWinds Instrument
LIDAR instrument inside dome. Flashing, green light. Interior shot of three scientists on computers. CU of LIDAR components, mirrors, etc.

4) B-Roll
Making announcement on Walkie talkie, mini-MOPA instrument, trailer with NOAA Logo, monitor with waveform data, Instrument with mirrors, ROYGBIV image onscreen, maintenance of instrument

5) The Wind Profiler
One angle, zooms out.

6) Weather Balloons and Anemometers
Balloon launch prep, launch. Spinning anemometer

7) Night shots
Observatory grounds at sunset and dusk. LIDAR instrument activating, visible green laser beam going up from instrument

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