NOAA maintains a library of video footage, which is compiled and categorized by subject. It’s available for the cost of reproduction on a public domain basis — no license or clearance required. It’s requested that you credit “NOAA” or “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,” when using the footage.

Some compilations contain footage not owned by NOAA. All non-NOAA footage is identified and requires additional credit and/or permission before use. Credit information and/or instructions and contact information are provided.

The masters are stored at Video Transfer, Inc., a tape duplication company. You pay Video Transfer the cost of tape duplication. Copies are available in any standard or format (e.g., Beta-SP / VHS). Click here to get the Video Transfer order form and latest B-Roll list. If you cannot find the footage you’re looking for in the shot sheets provided below or complete B-Roll list, please send an e-mail to the NOAA Video Studio at

NOAA B-Roll Shot Sheets (Text & PDF Versions)


NOAA Weather Radio || PDF
Severe Weather (Tornadoes, Hurricanes, etc. ) || PDF
Century of Weather Services
|| PDF
Improving Forecasts and Warnings || PDF
Vortex 1999 — Central Oklahoma Tornado || PDF
Western Snow Survey || PDF
Ground Winds || PDF


NOAA Hurricane Hunter & Unmanned Aircraft System || PDF
Gulfstream-IV "Hurricane Hunter" || PDF
Hurricane Forecast 2008 || PDF
Hurricane Forecast 2007 || PDF
Hurricane Forecast 2006 || PDF
Hurricane Forecast 2004 || PDF

Hurricane Forecast 2003 || PDF
Hurricane Forecast 2002 || PDF
Hurricane Forecast 2001 || PDF
Hurricane Forecast 2000 || PDF

Hurricane Season 1999 || PDF
Hurricane Season 1998 || PDF


DART II Buoy Deployment || PDF (Tsunami)
NOAA DART II Atlantic Deployment || PDF
Tsunami Simulations — Papua, New Guinea || PDF
DART Buoy Deployment || PDF (Tsunami)
Tsunami Buoys/Warning Centers || PDF

El Niño

El Niño 2002 || PDF


Rip Currents 2006 || PDF
Rip Currents 2004 || PDF
Open Ocean
|| PDF

Year of the Ocean B-Roll 1998 || PDF

National Marine Sanctuaries

Portland Steamer || PDF


Coral Reef Task Force || PDF
Deep-sea Coral || PDF
Coral Bleaching & Sea Surface Temperatures || PDF
Florida Keys Coral Reef || PDF


Commercial Fishing || PDF
TEDs or Turtle Excluder Devices || PDF
Aquaculture—Offshore || PDF
Right Whale || PDF


NOAA Nowcasting with GOES Satellites || PDF
Personal Locator Beacons || PDF
Satellites and El Niño || PDF
Space Environment Center || PDF
Solar X-Ray Imager || PDF

NOAA Fleet

NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson || PDF
NOAA Ship Rude || PDF
NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown
|| PDF

Side Scan Sonar | PDF

Earth Observations/Climate

Global Earth Observation || PDF (Originally listed as “Earth Observation Summit B-Roll”)
Climate || PDF


Supercomputer — Climate & Weather || PDF 
Underwater Technology || PDF
NOAA Barrier Island Construction (4:15) (7:00) || PDF: 4:15 & 7:00